UFO White Orb spotted in Costa Rica 2013

UFO white orb

I just saw this fly over my house the other day, and was able to take 3 photos of it with the help of a friend who also saw it. After 90 seconds in the air, it seemed to just vanish into thin air. I told her that night that there was going to be an earthquake. I felt something… it is probably nothing, but inside I knew and was ready for something. Today, 6 days later, there was a 5.1 earthquake in Liberia Costa Rica. I’m feeling stranger and stranger every day. I neglected to read a book because I started to loose interest in it, then once I picked it up again, it was talking about the exact same thing I was struggling with as a writer, went on to talk about writing a screen play which I am also doing, or trying to do, and a few other key points that tie directly into my current life. The book is called The Synchronicity Key, and is actually turning out to be amazing. Then someone called me the devil because I was born on the 6th day, and today i hear an interview where I hear again, that the Devil was the best angel in Heaven, and was cast out because he was not corrupt. Oh and America, and Americans, are the reincarnated souls of the Lost City of Atlantis, which is actually, one of the poles, I forget which one. My research is short on this and my time is limited right now. Amazing thing is, strange things are happening, I hope you are seeing them too, and feeling them too. Our world is changing, always evolving. Evil divided by Love equals Evolution.

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