We all know she can be a B%&#h so why mess with her? Why be an asshole? This post goes out to my old landlord. The guy cheating his so called friend so I could get the new “Friend” hook up. Only to get Robbed of $600 while away with only the “Landlord” having the keys to my place, and nothing was broken into…. Hummmmm…….

Then it was ” hey you have 3 days to move out ” my reply was okay… that sucks…. I just bought a bunch of food, you could not have told me sooner”? no sorry I forgot he says… Well it looks like I got a lot of food to eat I say and he just says yep….

Then I see him 2 days later and he asks if the power is on… I say yes why? He says he did not pay the power yet because I did not pay the rent yet….. WTF??? Are you kidding me? How am I going to eat the food i just bought if I have no power????

And just like that you lost a Friend, and a renter, and probably created a karmic chain that will not end well.


Don’t be a Dick!

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