Just your thoughts can start a Revolution….

Dr. Claude Swanson: MIT Grad and applied physics consultant for lots of big people….

Our Western culture has taught us that thoughts don’t matter. If each one of us goes around carrying around anger and resentment, the Western belief is that it has no direct effect on the world. As long as we refrain from overt violent actions, the present belief is that no harm will be done to others. But in view of present evidence, this can no longer be maintained. We are truly tied to one another, and even our thoughts affect one another. James Twyman has led several worldwide synchronized group prayers for peace. Those prayers had measurable effects and even altered the physics of the quantum background and the level of chaos worldwide for a time [ as discovered in the Global Consciousness Project ]… He observes the following: “… conflict in the world is the result of conflict within us. We project that feeling into the world because we are not ready to accept that we are the cause, and therefore the solution, to that conflict. Thus wars have raged in the world since the beginning of time because we are not ready to deal with the conflict where it really is – within us.


Be part of the revolution…. you really have no choice :)

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