Just be honest already, stop being a sociopath.

orgon picture

So it turns out that this was carved into the ground in the United States in the State of Oregon. This shape in the ground was cut into the the dry lake bed. I’m not sure how familiar you are with dry lake beds, but they are pretty hard, and to carve this out with such straight lines is very difficult, especially over a 13 mile stretch. This design is also very difficult to draw and complete it correctly using all the right supplies and several sheets of paper to try a few times because you are sure to mess the first one up.

Story is said that this is a response from Aliens of some sort in response to our Nuclear weapons. So why hide what happened? Why make up a lie and tell people someone else did it, some other way. Does that not only reinforce to our young adults that telling lies, or stories that are untrue are okay? What will that do to history? Does it even mater, when someone has the power to hide it like we are seeing right now? There are too many lies and coverups in our history that need to be unearthed and replanted in the light. Sun light or the light of spiritual growth, a change is coming. If I see myself awakening and changing, I am curious to see what is happening to you.

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