How to create your own Reality 101

How to create your own reality: 101

I finally figured out how to create the world around me. It came to me last night while deleting files from my computer and thinking about the friends I have, that have not been exposed to the life I have lead since 2001. I have traveled around the world from all over the US, to the pyramids in Egypt, to the Deep jungles of mexico and central america. I have read countless numbers of science journals with physical proof of what life was like back in the day, and what true science is being discredited as “Crazy thinking”. There are more religions out there than the bible seems to describe and with that knowledge, it all came to me last night, that “what you think about, becomes your reality”. I am not here to label anyone, or judge you on your beliefs, Im just here to tell you that “what you limit yourself to think about, becomes your limited life. What you dream your self to find, becomes your treasure.”

Good Luck finding what you all truly need, but be careful trying to bring in what you want, for you will figure out the definition of wants vs. needs whether you think you know already or not.

Love and Light!

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