Change the world for Free

Want to Change Our World FREE of cost? It just takes 20 minutes of your time each week. If you got time and the brain capacity, try for 20 minutes a day. Need to find friends other then the people you add on FaceBook? Need to actually start talking to people in real life, face to face, vs. via a text message, or FB???

Start a Meditation group! It is simple free, and brings people together. And for those of you who don’t like people all that much, well it is only 20 minutes, maybe an hour of your time, then you can leave because you got things to do right? 🙂  Or your single and want to meet someone. hey if you both meditate, that is a great thing to have in common, you both shut up, and you both listen to each other at the same time as you breath in and out….. your in introvert and don’t like going out? See the first point, its only an hour and you can go back yo your cave.  All you have to do is get some friends together, do what you gotta do to get comfortable with each other, then focus your thoughts to something happy, and do this together as a group. Tell your friends to do it, and their friends to do it. Next thing you know, 3 years down the line we will all be getting together and meeting each other in real life, having beautiful conversations, and change the world as a group, as One.

It is said that 15 minutes after 9/11 ( the time when the event was broadcasted world wide on TV ), two environmental satellites ( GOES ) detected a rise in the earths magnetic field strength, that topped out 50 times higher than normal at exactly 9am Eastern standard time. ” The correlation between the event and the readings was undeniable” Quoted by geologist Greg Braden. On the 9/14, the same two satellites, GOES 8 and GOES 10, recorded a significant decrease in the opposite direction when a world wide broadcast that involved many beloved public figures for a prayer for peace, was broadcasted to millions, and millions of people participated in this world wide meditation for peace. At that exact time, the graphs picked up the amazing results.

( Just to add one more global fact…. when Obama won the 2008 election, the same graph measured a higher spike just like 9/11 if not higher. When Obama was inaugurated, millions focused their attention on peace, and once again the graph went down.

This has happened before. There have been large groups of 7,000+ people who have changed this measurable field through meditation. If it is just you, do not be overwhelmed, It may take time to build your team. Even if it takes you 20 years, take it. It is yours to take.

With this now known, that our thoughts can effect what is around us on a global level, what can we do to influence this global force for Us to Strive as the energetic driven humans we are?



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