My words of advise

Yes Cocaine is good and cheap in Costa Rica, but if you want to stay down here and actually try to pull off being an extended traveler, you have to kick some of your bad habits. I met a 23 year old kid who called himself a hippy. I tell him he is not a hippy, even though he is walking around barefoot with his shirt open, long hair in a ponytail and a scruff on his pimpled up smily face. Great, you have a lot of stories kid about your dad, but really your just a dirty guy I tell him. Hippies died out in the 70′s. I spent almost 6 years traveling in a painted RV selling art, barefoot. Playing music, barefoot, and I was not a hippy. I did all that love everyone peace shit, even when they are an asshole, and then they showed me the world we live in. It’s cool to live in that peace love world, but we are not there yet as a whole, so right now I need you to come back to reality so we can win this battle together…. But he is all coked up… I asked him if he was on drugs and he said no. I asked if he did coke and he said no. I asked again because I knew he had, and he still says no. I tell him to get the fuck out of my face then and come back when he has enough respect to look me in the eyes and tell the truth vs. lie to me, to my face. Has social media ruined people that much that they can just look at you and lie like no problem, even when you present to them that you know the truth? After that, he said the truth and yes he had just done a line of cocaine. He keeps talking, I keep listening. I have mentored a lot of people. From the young kids in my neighborhood growing up, receiving multiple leadership awards in the military, to adults who run corporations around the world, I have been put into situations to change peoples perspective, and had to deal with all sorts of resistance. But nothing compares to a guy on coke. My advise to anyone who wants to listen, get off the processed drugs, they will only ruin your dreams, your goals, and your opportunity to make great friends. Im sorry I choked you. I should have hit your head against the wall to knock some sense into you, because you need it. I remember I got choked one time and it left a lasting impression for the good. For the best actually and I am super grateful it happened to me. Choking is never the solution. I remember I was the one telling you to never put your hands on a man you do not know, after he ran up and grabbed both my ass cheeks while I was Djing, like we were gay lovers, or buddies or something. I guess this was my karma coming back at him. Did he learn to shut up? Probably not, is he going to stop doing coke? probably not. Is he going to continue to womanize women and get laid by someone different every night? Yes. Will I ever be his friend? probably not, I do not associate with people like that, but I will always be there to for any advise, or give an answer to any question, I just ask that you be respectful enough to be quiet long enough for me to get out my answer. I have no idea why the Universe is sending all these idiots my way… People who hold their drinks right over my expensive laptop and DJ equipment just to say hi and request a song they don’t know the name to.. People who even after being asked nicely not to rush and talk to me, but to wait for me to make eye contact because I’m busy Djing, still do it anyways when I’m playing 3 songs at one time. doing effects, and running video…. People who want to talk to you, but that is it, only talk to you, they don’t want to listen and even though they ask a question, they are thinking of something else to say next vs. listening to your answer… What I learned… Just walk away. If I don’t like the situation I am in, I will just leave. Walk away. We do not need to give anything we perceive as negative our attention. Or anything that causes us discomfort the time of day. I am not saying running away from your problems, but when you see them not being solved at that time, just walk away. they are not going anywhere, so before you make more problems for yourself, just go. I have learned to smile a lot and just nod my head and not pay attention to people while I DJ, but when i am not playing music and all packed up, you got my 100% attention, and it is more then fair to ask for that in return. So after that long rant, my advise, get off the drugs. the make you into a better person, and lie is pretty cool.

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