7 DJ Facts in the Top 10


I don’t just play music, anyone can do that. I scan the room and feel peoples energy, then I know what they wanna feel.


Just spent 2.5 hours getting new music and wanted to share 7 thoughts… about being a DJ

You wanna be a DJ? Here are some facts:

1. Everyone thinks their a DJ these days, only few realize it’s about reading the crowd, and not them.
2. Because of the above, good luck getting paid what you want, unless you are in a market that is forever in your favor if your good, and even then, good luck unless you got 1mil followers.
3. It’s not all about the shows and clubs. You have to spend countless of hours getting music, and depending on your internet connection downloading may take a while. Be thankful though… 10yrs ago, you were forced to drive somewhere and BUY music.
4. It’s expensive, but to travel as a dj is super easy. Buy what you need, put it all in a large backpack, and rock a show like you see in the below picture. Laptop, NS6, Akai Midi Keyboard. With the right software and know how, you’re killing it baby!
5. Be prepared to meet some cool people, and especially some strange ones. If you’re playing for the people, you will attract those people, and some will wanna to you to talk to you…. badly… have fun with this one.
6. If your playing a club, or a bar, you may or may not have security. The above people from #5 do not always realize you are working, need to pay attention, listen to music, and not talk to them. Remember to be kind and gentle, most peoples sensitivity blinds proper judgement and the ability to just tell you what they want. Some people actually take 5 sentences to tell you to play a Sean Paul Song….
7. If your a Real DJ, you can Feel people. That’s why some you talk to, and some you don’t. Thats why you stop the music in front of a packed room moving to your beats, and feel all their energy shift to you. You then drop a big tune and they go nuts, and then who cares about #2, ( getting paid what you want ) it’s shit now a days anyways… ( number 2 that is ).

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