Truth about 2012?

How come a year ago, 6 months ago there was all this hype about 2012. Now we are 3 months away and either no one gives a shit, or I have become so disconnected from mainstream media that, that could be the reason I am not hearing anything. I had a dream about 2012 and no one knew what to do about it, but nothing was physically happening so there was nothing you could do. ( sounds like reality ) 2012 is a change we cannot control, if it is a change at all. The Mayans saw this in 3116BC, that was the beginning of the end to a new beginning.  I would say it is not the end of the world… Shoot way back in the day we were hit by meteors for 250 years, then one really big one millions of years later, that wiped out 96% of life on the planet. Then a 10,000 year Ice Age, then some smarter version of myself shows up and half of our friends and family go instinct. Rome thought the world was over when they fell, and look at the world now. Maybe we are headed for something we cannot feel, hear, touch, or smell. Or maybe we can. Maybe some of us do feel this change that is happening. We can see it, feel it, smell it, and hear it. But unless they feel it too, they feel what you are feeling, who is too believe you?


Lets say you are walking home one night and you see a bright light in the sky. That light is not a plane, star or anything you can put your mind to, with its color, movements, and odd shape(s). That light gets closer to you as if it is looking at you. It could even suck you up in the air, make your hair grow an inch longer in a matter of 10 minutes, which feels like 10 days to you. This light that you were just sucked up into, gives you a message. You hear this message, you feel this message, this situation is realer than real for you right now. You come back fine. Naked with longer hair, but fine, in the same spot, walking home, clothes in hand. But you try to tell someone. Even with your longer hair people will think your nuts because those things just do not happen, but it happened to you, so it is real?


That’s what this feeling is. This feeling is that real, and you either have it, like getting sucked up into the white light, or you don’t. You will know because you will feel it, some say. Is that what is happening around the world? People are transforming? Some people are actually, some would like to, and are just along for the ride mimicking what others do, yet not very genuine about it. They are like vampires, yet they do not suck blood, they suck your energy. Did you know that Vampires are the one creature talked about amongst all facets of ages in time from all over the world….. hummmmmm?


So what are you feeling? Are you going to EVOLve into LOVE. Change the EVOL in your life to LOVE. whether it is a change in you, or a change you help make in others, which way will you EVOLVE to in the end of 2012? The date is less than 3 months away. To help you, I am starting a program called R.A.O.K. Random Acts Of Kindness. I am starting it here in Costa Rica and hoping others take it around the world and start to spread the joy and happiness random acts of kindness can give you. Be warned though. do not do join R.A.O.K for self fulfillment. Not all acts of kindness go noticed and if you are in it for personal fulfillment, you will probably not meet with the ultimate success you would like, thus failing and thinking R.A.O.K is a waste of time. There is only one intention within this program and that is the intention to randomly do something you would not normally do that will better someone’s day, life, or experience.


Good Luck with Our future.

One thought on “Truth about 2012?

  1. I’ve pondered the Mayan theories for a long time, and honestly they scare me. It is the unknown that many fear; however, to me- it’s the fact that this world may end. The sheer possibility terrifies me to my core. It’s like being stuck on a railroad track, knowing that eventually a train will come. (I just got chills down my spine) I wish for a world of cooperation where my daughter can grow and thrive and old age is the cause of death. Humans are too young of a species to act as though we know it all, and my biggest hope is that we figure it out before it’s too late. I think you’re R.A.O.K idea is fantastic, and from what seems a world away, I’ll participate. I believe in kindness always, so it is an easy practice for me. But for you, my friend, I will step it up even more and be so kind that even strangers will take notice. Maybe. I suppose there is no way to ever really know that nor would I want to. The hope that it makes a difference is what matters! My birthday is coming up (Oct. 14) and I’ll be 29. For that day, I will be documenting my 29 random acts of kindness. I will also ask my friends to do the same as a ‘present’ to me. I’ve been thinking about starting a website with a blog, but I’ve doubted my own ability and that anyone would care about what I have to say. Lately though, I’ve been feeling like by not doing it..I’m denying a piece of myself. A piece that I want to share- just incase it matters to someone. I’m going to go for it- will you follow me?

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