Light over Mecca 2011

How come no one is talking about this? 200 years ago this would have re-written the Bible you would think….

Mmmmm the media hit on it one day, then left it alone. It is almost like casting out a fishing line with one hook on it, you see what bites and how the other fish react once you real one in.

Not a lot of media hype has come about it, but you can find a lot of different theories online of what happened that night. It could have been staged seeing that there were a lot of generators there that day. If they can fake a girl dancing at the 2007 music festival in Japan with a hologram, and Tupac at an American music festival in 2011, I don’t see why they could not put a fake Light over Mecca as well. People caught this even from 4 major angles and although it has spread around on youtube, I have asked people and they do not know of this event. A light came down from the night sky, hovered over the temple where millions were praying, a flash of light went off and the light shot back into the sky. Now I can see being faked, one video stated that this is a way for the Higher Super Powers to control us into faking a religious event with holograms. The bible even speaks of this I hear…. But you cannot say the same for the guy who prays to YHWH ( yaa- whay ) and calls white light, round shaped orbs in Las Vegas. Calls them when and where you like. Crazy… I told my ex-girlfriend this and she did not believe me. We were sitting in the car with the sunroof open. We prayed like he did and after just a few seconds of looking into the night sky, we both at the same time saw the same thing and it was like the sky split open and an eye blinked at us…. right in front of us…. not sure what we got there from our prayers, but it assured me again, that anything is possible in this life we live. The media can do what they like, but put everything together and what you always have is good vs. evil. Even when evil comes our way, whatever shape or form it is, just know that there is good out there. Something IS listening. It is what you are going to do with it that will make that difference.

Love and Light