Is this really happening America?

Spraying over Michigan 2014? Chemical Trails or what?

Spraying over Michigan 2014? Chemical Trails or what?

Is this really happening in America?

Americans get all pissed off when someone does not use their blinker, but when “13 planes fly over a town and leave a chemical trail in the sky”… they do nothing.

Im guessing the shit they “spray in the sky”, is what’s causing you to be “so angry” about a silly blinker, or causing you to “forget” to use it, so those around you can loose it, or a.k.a. get angry.

3 buildings falling down, 2 planes.
A hole in the pentagon… no plane but they convinced you that there was.
Movie theatre shootings that still make no sense, along with a bombing in boston
Another shooting in a school where protocol was thrown out the window,
Youtube interviews of victims laughing about something, then “fake” crying about a loss of a daughter, that from the looks of it, never existed.
Wars being funded by “one party”, while we spend millions to train our SEALs, then send 22 of them to their deaths in another party.
History has been fabricated
Birth Certificates are traded on the stock exchange
Billions of dollars are missing, yet we still pay our taxes.
Americans have to pay for a health care that if they don’t sign up, will have to pay a fine, when they pay taxes.

But wait, Beyonce released a video for every one of her latest songs, and the Final 4 is on… So…. F* off, and hand me a Miller Lite so I can wash these anxiety pills down, and get back to my basketball. Even though there are beer commercials and anxiety medication commercials during the same commercial break while I am trying to watch basketball.

Really though???

The Matrix

A quote from Henry Ford in 1922

“It is well enough that people of the Nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution tomorrow morning”.

This is why I canceled my credit cards and only have one for emergencies that is kept at a zero balance at all costs!

This is why I worked hard, saved my money and decided to take a few years off from working. It made no sense to me that all this money was being taken out of my paychecks and going somewhere where it probably was not helping anything.

My thoughts, if you owe a friend money, pay them back right away. They lent it to you because you are their friend and they trust you. If you owe the government money… well they will try to make your life hell, but they don’t pay back their debt, and if they do, it is barely 1%, so why not, as a citizen of that government, you only pay back 1%. Or none at all?

It’s a decision only you can make. Are you going to stand up and let your voice be heard, or go bust your ass at three jobs just to live on what the government decides to let you keep after taxes….

If my body is my temple, I now declare myself tax exempt!