So you want a Tattoo?

Tattoos… the almost permanent reminder of a moment in time that can last forever. So what makes a person want to go throughout the pain or pleasure of getting hammered on by a few needles at once for a few hours…. I would guess the satisfaction of the new beautiful piece of art you get to carry around with you everywhere depending on where it is and what you are wearing.

A few thing to keep in mind when getting a tattoo…

  1. They last forever and hurt more getting them removed
  2. Know what you want first, and don’t just pick something off the wall… chances are you will want to get it covered later on in life.
  3. When picking an artist, look at their portfolio book to see if their style suits you. If not, move on.
  4. If the guy can see you that day, chances are he is not that good, but occasionally an appointment will cancel and you may just walk in on that good artist that can hook you up. again see #3.
  5. You want an artist you vibe with. They are opening your body up and putting their energy into you when they ink you. Some people say that tattoos are sacred and can seriously change your life depending on who did the work and what the tattoo actually is.

I was getting tattooed one time and a lady came in and got 10 kiss, lip marks on her ass along with the words ” Kiss my ass”…. now that tattoo is there for a reason and i would have loved to know the story behind why shy is getting that tattooed on her booty and who is going to see it. Or the guy who walked in to get ” party naked ” in bubble pink letters on his ass with a big masturbating monkey….. He was a 6′-4″ construction worker…. WOW, the things people hide under their pants….

But just because you find a good tattoo artist, does not justify getting an extra large tattoo of a butt hole on your knee with anal beads coming out of it. Yes the artist made it look so real and awesome, but it is a butt hole on your knee…. “I can see the anal beads from across the street.” quoted one artist.

Choose wisely and good luck getting inked!