Is Carmax selling lemons?

Since when did Carmax get into the farmers market? I am hearing from far too many people that Carmax does not stand up to what they say.

I believe that Carmax does stand up for what they say, I bought a car from them once…. ONCE! and I will never do it again. I asked around and found out that this is happening to a lot of people who purchase a car from Carmax.

You buy a car, you drive it away, it breaks in the first week, you bring it back, they fix it. If it is going to take a while to fix, they will give you a loner car to use while they fix the one you just bought. Now you would think that whatever issue the car is having would have been caught before they tried to sell it to you. i mean come on, it malfunctioned the first week of bringing it home.

I a lot of cases I found Carmax would just keep doing what it takes to make you happy until your warranty runs out, well then you are screwed. In my case, they tried to fix an oil pressure problem my 2010 Jeep Wrangler was having the first day i drove it on the highway. Carmax did try to fix it… for the next year and a half, and was not able to do so, and would not buy the car back from me seeing a lemon law does not apply to used vehicles. In the end, I was able to prove that there was water in my engine when they sold it to me, there was permanent engine grime inside my motor walls from being underwater, and the inside of the motor smelled like fish…. Finally when i threatened to take this to the media, did they offer to purchase my Jeep back at a lower price because I have been driving it. I cashed the check and well here I am blogging about it after finding many others who have experienced this same thing, with the fishy smell. Looks like Carmax is into buying up cars and trucks that have water damage but once cleaned up, who can tell???

I would not recommend buying a car from Carmax unless you seal a deal with a good warranty and rental car coverage incase you car needs ANY type of work.