Change the world for Free

Want to Change Our World FREE of cost? It just takes 20 minutes of your time each week. If you got time and the brain capacity, try for 20 minutes a day. Need to find friends other then the people you add on FaceBook? Need to actually start talking to people in real life, face to face, vs. via a text message, or FB???

Start a Meditation group! It is simple free, and brings people together. And for those of you who don’t like people all that much, well it is only 20 minutes, maybe an hour of your time, then you can leave because you got things to do right? :)   Or your single and want to meet someone. hey if you both meditate, that is a great thing to have in common, you both shut up, and you both listen to each other at the same time as you breath in and out….. your in introvert and don’t like going out? See the first point, its only an hour and you can go back yo your cave.  All you have to do is get some friends together, do what you gotta do to get comfortable with each other, then focus your thoughts to something happy, and do this together as a group. Tell your friends to do it, and their friends to do it. Next thing you know, 3 years down the line we will all be getting together and meeting each other in real life, having beautiful conversations, and change the world as a group, as One.

It is said that 15 minutes after 9/11 ( the time when the event was broadcasted world wide on TV ), two environmental satellites ( GOES ) detected a rise in the earths magnetic field strength, that topped out 50 times higher than normal at exactly 9am Eastern standard time. ” The correlation between the event and the readings was undeniable” Quoted by geologist Greg Braden. On the 9/14, the same two satellites, GOES 8 and GOES 10, recorded a significant decrease in the opposite direction when a world wide broadcast that involved many beloved public figures for a prayer for peace, was broadcasted to millions, and millions of people participated in this world wide meditation for peace. At that exact time, the graphs picked up the amazing results.

( Just to add one more global fact…. when Obama won the 2008 election, the same graph measured a higher spike just like 9/11 if not higher. When Obama was inaugurated, millions focused their attention on peace, and once again the graph went down.

This has happened before. There have been large groups of 7,000+ people who have changed this measurable field through meditation. If it is just you, do not be overwhelmed, It may take time to build your team. Even if it takes you 20 years, take it. It is yours to take.

With this now known, that our thoughts can effect what is around us on a global level, what can we do to influence this global force for Us to Strive as the energetic driven humans we are?



Top 3 reasons to Surf! ” I Surf, Therefore I Am”

Top three reason I surf.   ~ Taken from the book ” I Surf, Therefore I Am”


1. Because that’s all that there is. Everything is some form of surfing. You surf on breath, food, money, work, love, religion, life. Whatever it is, you paddle out to it, you pull into it, you ride it, you pull out of it. Surfing on the ocean, is just the biggest and best kind of it.


2. Because it’s the answer to life’s greatest mystery. It gives you what every human being is after here on earth. And what is that? I told you: it’s life’s greatest mystery. If I told you more, it wouldn’t be.


3. Because even the most perfect words are inadequate to answer that question, and even the most imperfect surfing is more than adequate to answer that question.

Is the world going to end or not?

Well it would not be the first time the western mind set was wrong. It is a Western mindset that says the world is ending according to the Mayans, not the Mayans.  I hope and pray that the only “end” that comes is an end to all the Bull Shit out there. All the Lies, all the secrets. All the negative needs to come to an end. The greed, the slaughter, the non-thinkers. End that. End this 9/11 shit. We spent more to investigate a blow job then we did on a so called terror attack on Amerikkka. Yet the mass public is quite, calm little sheep, waiting for their next latte, and horrible story on the news to talk about. If the world was coming to an end, would it not have ended when we had a 10,000 year ice age, hit by numerous meteors that did wipe out life, but not everything. And even if everything does get wiped out, ask yourself, is your soul not full of so much life that your physical self does not even matter? I am not saying you so not care for your physical self, I am just saying that you do not recognize the power of your soul ancient past it carries with it.

6 more days and we will see.  I just know I will continue to live every day like it is my last.

FML is it F* My Life, of Find More Ladies?



Is it Fuck My Life or Find More Ladies?  Because F’ my life, I gotta find a bunch of women to fill a ladies night I will be Djing every Monday at Aqua in Tamarindo Costa Rica. They need a Dj, and I need something to do on mondays. Top 40, but you know I got you if you have a request. This is perfect! This will leave my Friday and Saturday open. Get me now before I get booked up. Shit man, I got 10,000 songs in my back pocket. Over half of them in crates ready to “Lick Shots” as we would say back in the day. So Lets Lick Shots, take shots and put our gun fingers in the air when a club banger comes on and go “buck buck buck buck…. Pull Up!!!!” and I will play it again. So far it has been great. Lots of Reggae, Lots of House Music, and Lots of Hip Hop. Sexy ladies line the place mixed in with the sexy local surfers and gringos catching eye contact with the ladies vs. looking for waves in the line up that lies just across the street. Come hear the crashing waves of Tamarindo, mixed in with the sounds of Delux. Every Monday Night. Club Aqua, Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Everyone’s a DJ

Everyone’s a DJ


With technology today, although it is pretty damn cool, has made everyone into a DJ and from the looks of it, you can’t be mad. Everything in time changes. It is up to us to change with it, or go extinct. We must become the shamans of our own worlds. We must constantly be evolving ourselves to a smarter self. Rule #6 in my last employee hand book was “Find a way”. So if everyone is a DJ, find a way to be a better DJ than them. I got stuck when I upgraded to a new piece of equipment. Although it was made by the same computer software company that I was currently using to DJ now, it no longer allowed me to record and edit he way I used to. I could no longer integrate another piece of software and equipment. WTF?!? I thought then I realized I had rule number 6 in back pocket still. So because I also practice the 7 P’s of life, Previous proper planning, prevents, piss poor performance, and packed a wire that would utilize that handy rule and i found a way to get what I need to get done, done. And if I could not figure it out… well shit, there is always a way some way or it was just not meant to be. And with that said, if you are better than the rest, it just wasn’t meant to be for them and now your the one on top, or on your way to the top.  But for some reason it fun back in the days of scraping up all your money you made that week, put aside what you need for rent and electricity, and the rest goes to vinyl. You had to drive, get a ride, or take the bus/subway to get your tunes. There was no downloading. Then with the money you had left over, if any, went to food. You know you have to eat when your bobbing your head to the beat of all your hot new tunes you use picked up. Finding an album and then realizing you now have that one song you have been looking for for a while now. Or spending 2 hours in a record store and finding a rare classic that every DJ should have, or the last copy of a new cut is always was always a good feeling. You knew after you, no one else was going to be able to play this song, and it now put you in the top rankings for having the hot shit first, or so you liked to think. The days of sitting in your room copying 30 minutes a side of a TDK Mix Tape, where you then had to think of what to write on both sides, how to write it, and not screw it up. It was an art making a mix tape. Your handwriting mattered almost as much as the music selected within the plastic tape running through your artistic selection. You were a DJ, you were a selector, you were an artist. You spent hours in the basement listening to music. no drugs, no alcohol. The music was your alcohol, and the needle of the turntable supplied your drugs to your your ears organically. The same thing can happen today yes, but there are a lot of distractions and music is just not what it used to be. But it is okay because people have A.D.D and if you play a song for longer than a minute and a half, your boring. So wise up, get to know your music history, your tunes, when, where, and how to play them, and you should be golden. Promote the hell out of your self or not, just get a gig, and do what you love and try to get paid doing it. And the minute you start to draw a crowd or a following, start asking for more money.  They are there because of you.

Rainy days in Costa Rica

Rainy Days In Costa Rica


It’s rainy season here in Costa Rica and for some reason everything turns beautiful. Even in the dimly lit, gray afternoon light, the sight of water dripping off the roof as the rain collects, and cascades down the tin, that is tinging away with all the rain hitting it at lighting speeds. Every hill and slope is turned into a canvas of rivers, streams and even tiny water falls that trickle down into bigger ones until all the water soaks into the ground, ends up in the property well, or the now raging river bed weaving its way through the jungle, down its own hills and slopes and even waterfalls until it runs into the pacific ocean and mixes in with the salt water of the pacific ocean.

But the most beautifulist day in Costa Rica so far during the rain is when I caught it during a visible sun set and a storm. ( I know beautifulist is not a word, but I know you get what I’m trying to say ) It was pouring down rain and thunder and lighting was hitting the earth just as much as the rain was. Everything was dark and gray from the massive thunder clouds rolling over the tree filled mountain lined coast. It is almost comparable to seeing a rainbow. No two people will see it the same way due to the angle they are seeing the rainbow. The same applies here. Because of the terrain here, seeing something, like a sun set can two different experiences less than a mile apart. This one in the rain was amazing because the sun was out all day, then a massive storm came through, but we must have been just on the edge of it. Although it covered the sun for a while, an hour before the sun was to set, it was low enough on the horizon to peek under the storm clouds, and light everything up if you were in its visible path. It was like the gates of heaven opening up, and with a mixture of the rain falling and seeing the suns rays through the trees, that are dripping water droplets mixed in with the steady falling rain, gave me a feeling of peace, growth, tranquility, and an assurance that everything is going to be okay, even amongst the storm. The red, orange and yellow colors that were appearing from the many different shades of green that cover the landscape was something that was burned into my memory. It was like a laser beam altering my consciousness. My first thought after the beauty I was starting to witness was Egypt’s King Ekhnaton. He was the King that turned the religion of that age from Aton Ra, to Amon Ra, His only favorite God was the Sun. Strange, but the feelings I felt were real and well, today is still just another day. Raining still, but just another day.

You get used to the rain. Probably like the folks in Seattle, or Vancouver. They get months of rain that seems like a year of rain with 3 sunny days, here we are only talking about 2 months of rain, and LOTS of sunny days. But when it rains, you still gotta get your shit done. The other night I had to Dj and it was pouring out rain all day. around 6pm it stopped and at 8 I left for the club. Everything was muddy as expected, but only my feet and shins were getting wet and muddy, the rest of me was comfortable and dry. The other night I did a gig and left my equipment over night. I went back the next day to get it because I had to fix a few things that broke during my show and it just so happened to start pouring on the way back. I was not too happy, but as soon as my waterproof boots were full of water, and my exposed skin was getting hit by the warm rain drops, I was fine. I was actually comfortable. I could do anything comfortably. Not the typical, you got your shoulders all tight, and sucked up trying to make yourself thiner so less rain hits you getting you wet slower. I was cool. I got home, it was still raining and I dropped off my Dj equipment, Big Up Pelican Cases! Best waterproof, shock proof case out there, and went back out to the store and got a new jug of water, orange juice, and cheese. All in the rain, all in the state of mind that I was fine with it and stayed in the moment, in peace. The way you think really makes a difference, even when your stuck getting wet, starting to get cold, whatever. What did you do when you were a kid and you wanted to stay outside even though you were cold and wet, you were having fun doing whatever it is you were doing. Why stop, keep that mind set.

Just shut the F up, vs. Keep your mouth shut

So I was out surfing the other day and the surf rule is, if someone is on a wave surfing it, do not drop in on them, if you do, get out and let them have the wave… well not in the case the other day.

I got dropped in on by a local Tico who said it was not my wave, it is everyones wave, I should be happy I am even surfing at that spot, and that that will continue to happen.

I tried to talk and reason with the guy but he really showed me what kind of man he was by yapping and talking all over what I was trying to say to him which was really just to get an understanding and make a friend vs. an enemy. He is my first official ass hole I have met in Costa Rica. I have spoke to others about him and they all agree, he was wrong for what he did, I was right for what I did and said, and it is all over, said and done.

But I took away something different than expected. I took away the fact to just keep my mouth shut. I knew, he knew he was wrong from what he did, just by the way he looked at me when he came from up from the white water after getting off the wave. He knew he dropped in on me. I just don’t want to hurt anyone if they do drop in. I am aggressive in a wave and I ride a bigger board then these little Ticos ride. if it hits you when you drop in on me, it will hurt a lot more than if your board hits me. That was my main concern and to see where his head was at to see if this guy is going to be next to again, is this what I should expect to happen?

I caught 2 dozen waves that evenings surf session. That one little wave where ass hole introduced himself to me was so petty compared to the fun I had surfing all the other waves. If you want to drop in, drop in, there are hundreds of waves that come in every day here and missing out on one, or loosing one, is really just not that big of deal.

I hope to be the ass hole guys friend some day and we can laugh about the way we met, but until then, if you drop in on me, watch out, and if you want to exchange words about it, I will, but if you want to physically fight about it… see you later, I got waves to catch and fighting solves nothing.

One Love