What do people need to do to communicate?

You can walk by a person, and feel their energy. Not all the time, but without speaking, two people can feel the exact same thing when walking past each other. I met a woman who worked on cancer patients and she knew after working with them, that you could transmit energy to someone, or someone can feel energy form someone else. If all the right elements are in place, magic can happen it seems. Those elements can be a variety of many things, but when brought together, whatever they may be, can make people feel something almost unexplainable. The cancer patients who do not like to be touched after being poked and prodded by doctors and chemotherapy, loved to feel the energy that can be transmitted through various meditative, massage, and chi energy points that can be delivered to someone without even touching them. Connections can be made and amazing things can happen.


Like Seefu Dave. A cook/ kung-fu expert that can not only catch an arrow shot at him blindfolded, but can move a glass of water without touching it. Some may think it is impossible to do that. some may think they can never do that same thing. I never thought I could do a back 2 1/2 somersault, with a 1 1/2 twist in the pike position from a 10 meter platform, until I started jumping into the water and teaching myself to see and make my body do what it sees. That is how we have kids today doing amazing tricks with bikes, skateboards, snowboards, motor bikes, cars, fly suites, jumping on and off buildings and planted objects. People are doing amazing things, because they can communicate to their body exactly what they want their bodies to do, and then practice doing it until they feel that connection that gives them this new found talent as a second nature. My dive coach used to tell me to visualize the dive in your head over and over again on the ground. Only that dive and when you get up to the top to do your dive, think of it once, and do it. Do not hesitate. The minute we hesitate, we start to over think things and then second guess ourselves. Follow your gut, but be sure your gut is heading in the direction, or doing what you want it to do. Will that work for everything in life? Some say it does. I think I does work a few times out of 10 that is for sure. How exactly.. not sure, but I know it works.


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