Smile in memory of yourself



Just smile once more today


How do you want to be remembered? Do you want to be the person who never seemed to  smile, or smiled all the time. Did you know by putting a smile on your face, 99% of the people you come across, will have a positive feeling from your smile. The other 1% are just having a shitty day and nothing can help them, but if you tack on a great personality to that smile, you can change a lot.

You don’t even have to have direct contact with someone. If a person sees you smile at another person, or you greet people as you walk past them with a positive attitude, the people who are observing the situation, will also experience your happiness, just from your smile.

To wave with a smug look on your face, vs one with a smile will make a world of difference.  If you are the 1% who just so happen to be having a shitty day, deal with it, know it will pass and things will go back to the way you want them, but if your still pissy, go look into a mirror, see your anger, and then smile. Keep smiling, until you become conscious of your face and the muscles you are using to make this new pose with your cheeks. You now released endorphins into your body, that will help you cope with the shittiness, and if you keep on smiling, pretty soon, your problems seem to not have that great of an effect on you, and your mind will be somewhat at peace for you to enjoy the day, and maybe who knows, YOU may now make someone smile today.

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