Is the planet enslaved already?

None of us chose to be born on this planet, we all just kinda showed up here… as humans.. the most dominate or cancerous thing on this earth. So why is it, we allow other stupid humans to tell us what to do, where to go, what to buy, what to eat, where to live, and all the fucking rules and laws that apply to what I just mentioned? We are all humans, and frankly, even after traveling a good part of the world, NONE of us are FREE.

I just came from the border. I had to walk 200 meters to pay a $7 exit tax that required me to actually pay $10.
Kids coming up to me looking for a $1 and feeling so lucky when I give them one, meanwhile I got a friend worth 10 million, and he is struggling to pay the bills… and for a guy who is worth 10 million, he lives pretty modestly, but the way society has him trained, being born on “good soil” with a “good education” has brought his life to a worrisome hell.

Why? For what? The more I shut off the outside influences of “control me”, the more I go inside me and see the that real world around me, is not what the grown ups taught me in school.

The one thing I can say positive about growing up and learning was the words written on my cafeteria wall. “You are what you eat”. Not only true in food, but also life, you are what you consume, You are not your job, or how much money you have in the bank. You are what you consume, and so far we have been forced to consume a lot of shit!

Prisoner on my own planet
the Matrix

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