How to make a song request to a DJ

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When making a song request to a DJ….

1. Make it quick. Have your song ready before you come interrupt. That is what most of you do, you don’t stop to look and see that we are doing things and that we are wearing headphones so 9 times out of 10, we cannot hear you.
2. Know your music. “Do you have that one song… that goes, brum di brum brum”??? “Can you play it, it is my favorite”??? Well if it’s your favorite song, you would think you’d know the title, or artist. Im sorry, but I don’t have my music listed with sounds the songs makes.
3. Unless you are¬†going home with the DJ, don’t hang out with them while they are spinning. No wait, even if you are going home with the DJ, leave them be, their working. If they talk to you, talk with them, but understand, they are working.
4. If the club is dancing to the genre of music, and you make a request from another genre, A. IT HAS TO BE A HIT. & B. I better not have just started playing that genre you want to change. Just because you don’t like a song, or a genre, doesn’t give you any right to control the DJ unless you got a form of currency that has more than 2 numbers in it. ( 5 depending on some country’s ).
5. Put some gum in your mouth. Fresh breath not only makes a great first impression, but it makes you a bit more tolerable when you ask for something.
6. Don’t be drunk, no one likes a drunk, but an out of shape, ugly person who can’t get lucky with their right hand, if they cut off the left. No one likes a drunk in a DJ booth with thousands of dollars of music and equipment laying around. Sober up, and leave the drinks away.
7. Make this time to make a Music request, not chat it up. If you wanna chat it up, ask for a phone number and call a person… ( not text ) Tomorrow. Don’t hang out. DJ’s are wanted and desired by lovers and haters alike and you hanging out confuses them both. Unless it is welcomed by the DJ… (they will say to you, ” sure hang out, talk to me because I am not a real dj, I play a mix that I recorded last night, and no one can tell”. DJ’s are working, reading the crowd, and thinking of 5 songs that they can play next to get the crowd and keep the crowd. Let them work, that includes the DJ talking to others and taking their requests. Some follow these rules already, most do not. Read #3 again if you still don’t understand.
8. Did you really go back up to #3 and read it???? LOL
9. Make sure I didn’t play it 10 minutes ago, were not a radio station, were a club. And if you make a request, stick around for it. Don’t leave after requesting something. I may have just changed the whole vibe for you, and your not around, or like in #6 your too drunk to hear your song.
10. If the DJ doesn’t play your song immediately, DO NOT go get the owner/manager, and tell them to tell me to play it. That is like getting a no from dad and then asking mom…. That is also immature, and shows your desperateness toto be an asshole. DJ’s are creating a vibe, they are connecting an energy, and it is a thin balance that keeps it all together.

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