Live Recordings

Here are links to SoundCloud, where you will hear my live mixes only. I am just hitting record while throwing down at whatever event I am at. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Live Recordings

  1. What…?!?!?!? Best Mixes I have heard in a long time. Who are you? Where are you from? and where have you been all my club life??? And I can download the mixes? Thanks!!! Keep up the great mixing!

    • Yes Mr. Durdan, you can download all of my mixes. There is a download link under all of them. If there is non one there, it is because I forgot to activate it, but I’m getting better at that. Thanks for the love! Glad you Enjoy!

  2. yeah dj…just so ya know I’m still pumping this shit at house partys in vermont and shit…long live the memories of Bar1 when it was ours…hope alls cool…Luigi

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