We all know she can be a B%&#h so why mess with her? Why be an asshole? This post goes out to my old landlord. The guy cheating his so called friend so I could get the new “Friend” hook up. Only to get Robbed of $600 while away with only the “Landlord” having the keys to my place, and nothing was broken into…. Hummmmm…….

Then it was ” hey you have 3 days to move out ” my reply was okay… that sucks…. I just bought a bunch of food, you could not have told me sooner”? no sorry I forgot he says… Well it looks like I got a lot of food to eat I say and he just says yep….

Then I see him 2 days later and he asks if the power is on… I say yes why? He says he did not pay the power yet because I did not pay the rent yet….. WTF??? Are you kidding me? How am I going to eat the food i just bought if I have no power????

And just like that you lost a Friend, and a renter, and probably created a karmic chain that will not end well.


Don’t be a Dick!

more reasons why surfers are bad ass

we go out when no one else will.

When the water is cold and we don’t have a wetsuit, we will still paddle out for one wave.

We swim with sharks that can eat us and jelly fish that can paralyze us.

We deal with assholes hogging waves

We deal with tourists ruining a good one.

We walk barefoot

We party hard, but go to bed early to catch that dawn patrol set.


feel free to comment and add to the list of what makes you a bad ass surfer


Just your thoughts can start a Revolution….

Dr. Claude Swanson: MIT Grad and applied physics consultant for lots of big people….

Our Western culture has taught us that thoughts don’t matter. If each one of us goes around carrying around anger and resentment, the Western belief is that it has no direct effect on the world. As long as we refrain from overt violent actions, the present belief is that no harm will be done to others. But in view of present evidence, this can no longer be maintained. We are truly tied to one another, and even our thoughts affect one another. James Twyman has led several worldwide synchronized group prayers for peace. Those prayers had measurable effects and even altered the physics of the quantum background and the level of chaos worldwide for a time [ as discovered in the Global Consciousness Project ]… He observes the following: “… conflict in the world is the result of conflict within us. We project that feeling into the world because we are not ready to accept that we are the cause, and therefore the solution, to that conflict. Thus wars have raged in the world since the beginning of time because we are not ready to deal with the conflict where it really is – within us.


Be part of the revolution…. you really have no choice :)

Lessons In Love by DeluxSauce

Lessons in Love by Delux… taken from the book temporarily titled… “Electricpuzzy” By Jeremy Frisk

“Ho’s…. I could get them all day, but I am more of a shovel kind of guy. Shovels dig holes and build foundations that last. Hoes just tend to a temporary garden that barely lasts a season unless you give it a ton of attention. Can anyone bring me a shovel please?”

Change the world for Free

Want to Change Our World FREE of cost? It just takes 20 minutes of your time each week. If you got time and the brain capacity, try for 20 minutes a day. Need to find friends other then the people you add on FaceBook? Need to actually start talking to people in real life, face to face, vs. via a text message, or FB???

Start a Meditation group! It is simple free, and brings people together. And for those of you who don’t like people all that much, well it is only 20 minutes, maybe an hour of your time, then you can leave because you got things to do right? :)   Or your single and want to meet someone. hey if you both meditate, that is a great thing to have in common, you both shut up, and you both listen to each other at the same time as you breath in and out….. your in introvert and don’t like going out? See the first point, its only an hour and you can go back yo your cave.  All you have to do is get some friends together, do what you gotta do to get comfortable with each other, then focus your thoughts to something happy, and do this together as a group. Tell your friends to do it, and their friends to do it. Next thing you know, 3 years down the line we will all be getting together and meeting each other in real life, having beautiful conversations, and change the world as a group, as One.

It is said that 15 minutes after 9/11 ( the time when the event was broadcasted world wide on TV ), two environmental satellites ( GOES ) detected a rise in the earths magnetic field strength, that topped out 50 times higher than normal at exactly 9am Eastern standard time. ” The correlation between the event and the readings was undeniable” Quoted by geologist Greg Braden. On the 9/14, the same two satellites, GOES 8 and GOES 10, recorded a significant decrease in the opposite direction when a world wide broadcast that involved many beloved public figures for a prayer for peace, was broadcasted to millions, and millions of people participated in this world wide meditation for peace. At that exact time, the graphs picked up the amazing results.

( Just to add one more global fact…. when Obama won the 2008 election, the same graph measured a higher spike just like 9/11 if not higher. When Obama was inaugurated, millions focused their attention on peace, and once again the graph went down.

This has happened before. There have been large groups of 7,000+ people who have changed this measurable field through meditation. If it is just you, do not be overwhelmed, It may take time to build your team. Even if it takes you 20 years, take it. It is yours to take.

With this now known, that our thoughts can effect what is around us on a global level, what can we do to influence this global force for Us to Strive as the energetic driven humans we are?



Top 3 reasons to Surf! ” I Surf, Therefore I Am”

Top three reason I surf.   ~ Taken from the book ” I Surf, Therefore I Am”


1. Because that’s all that there is. Everything is some form of surfing. You surf on breath, food, money, work, love, religion, life. Whatever it is, you paddle out to it, you pull into it, you ride it, you pull out of it. Surfing on the ocean, is just the biggest and best kind of it.


2. Because it’s the answer to life’s greatest mystery. It gives you what every human being is after here on earth. And what is that? I told you: it’s life’s greatest mystery. If I told you more, it wouldn’t be.


3. Because even the most perfect words are inadequate to answer that question, and even the most imperfect surfing is more than adequate to answer that question.

Is the world going to end or not?

Well it would not be the first time the western mind set was wrong. It is a Western mindset that says the world is ending according to the Mayans, not the Mayans.  I hope and pray that the only “end” that comes is an end to all the Bull Shit out there. All the Lies, all the secrets. All the negative needs to come to an end. The greed, the slaughter, the non-thinkers. End that. End this 9/11 shit. We spent more to investigate a blow job then we did on a so called terror attack on Amerikkka. Yet the mass public is quite, calm little sheep, waiting for their next latte, and horrible story on the news to talk about. If the world was coming to an end, would it not have ended when we had a 10,000 year ice age, hit by numerous meteors that did wipe out life, but not everything. And even if everything does get wiped out, ask yourself, is your soul not full of so much life that your physical self does not even matter? I am not saying you so not care for your physical self, I am just saying that you do not recognize the power of your soul ancient past it carries with it.

6 more days and we will see.  I just know I will continue to live every day like it is my last.

FML is it F* My Life, of Find More Ladies?



Is it Fuck My Life or Find More Ladies?  Because F’ my life, I gotta find a bunch of women to fill a ladies night I will be Djing every Monday at Aqua in Tamarindo Costa Rica. They need a Dj, and I need something to do on mondays. Top 40, but you know I got you if you have a request. This is perfect! This will leave my Friday and Saturday open. Get me now before I get booked up. Shit man, I got 10,000 songs in my back pocket. Over half of them in crates ready to “Lick Shots” as we would say back in the day. So Lets Lick Shots, take shots and put our gun fingers in the air when a club banger comes on and go “buck buck buck buck…. Pull Up!!!!” and I will play it again. So far it has been great. Lots of Reggae, Lots of House Music, and Lots of Hip Hop. Sexy ladies line the place mixed in with the sexy local surfers and gringos catching eye contact with the ladies vs. looking for waves in the line up that lies just across the street. Come hear the crashing waves of Tamarindo, mixed in with the sounds of Delux. Every Monday Night. Club Aqua, Tamarindo, Costa Rica.