GoPro Foggy Len’s Fix durring sex using dirty rice

SEX… hahaha it works! Now I have your attention. Now for the dirty rice part

After loosing a GoPro that when submerged in water, the inside lens would fog up in 15 minutes, I was a bit excited to get a new one thinking I had a default case anyways but didn’t report, because the camera was lost.

Once I got my new GoPro and got that one wet, the same thing happened. I upgraded again to the Hero2 and that too got all foggy on my last trip to Costa Rica. Such a disappointment when you are out in the water with a foggy lens and having to get out to wipe your lens. ( although it is a nice way to introduce your self to girls needing their dry hands and towel to help wipe the lens ).

Well I put my thinking cap on and an idea came to me right away. Rice. If the sound doesn’t matter ( in water it shouldn’t ), just put about 6-10 pieces of rice in your case and this will help keep the moisture out!

Just tested this theory today… it works!

Good Luck! Hope the tip helped!