Rainy days in Costa Rica

Rainy Days In Costa Rica


It’s rainy season here in Costa Rica and for some reason everything turns beautiful. Even in the dimly lit, gray afternoon light, the sight of water dripping off the roof as the rain collects, and cascades down the tin, that is tinging away with all the rain hitting it at lighting speeds. Every hill and slope is turned into a canvas of rivers, streams and even tiny water falls that trickle down into bigger ones until all the water soaks into the ground, ends up in the property well, or the now raging river bed weaving its way through the jungle, down its own hills and slopes and even waterfalls until it runs into the pacific ocean and mixes in with the salt water of the pacific ocean.

But the most beautifulist day in Costa Rica so far during the rain is when I caught it during a visible sun set and a storm. ( I know beautifulist is not a word, but I know you get what I’m trying to say ) It was pouring down rain and thunder and lighting was hitting the earth just as much as the rain was. Everything was dark and gray from the massive thunder clouds rolling over the tree filled mountain lined coast. It is almost comparable to seeing a rainbow. No two people will see it the same way due to the angle they are seeing the rainbow. The same applies here. Because of the terrain here, seeing something, like a sun set can two different experiences less than a mile apart. This one in the rain was amazing because the sun was out all day, then a massive storm came through, but we must have been just on the edge of it. Although it covered the sun for a while, an hour before the sun was to set, it was low enough on the horizon to peek under the storm clouds, and light everything up if you were in its visible path. It was like the gates of heaven opening up, and with a mixture of the rain falling and seeing the suns rays through the trees, that are dripping water droplets mixed in with the steady falling rain, gave me a feeling of peace, growth, tranquility, and an assurance that everything is going to be okay, even amongst the storm. The red, orange and yellow colors that were appearing from the many different shades of green that cover the landscape was something that was burned into my memory. It was like a laser beam altering my consciousness. My first thought after the beauty I was starting to witness was Egypt’s King Ekhnaton. He was the King that turned the religion of that age from Aton Ra, to Amon Ra, His only favorite God was the Sun. Strange, but the feelings I felt were real and well, today is still just another day. Raining still, but just another day.

You get used to the rain. Probably like the folks in Seattle, or Vancouver. They get months of rain that seems like a year of rain with 3 sunny days, here we are only talking about 2 months of rain, and LOTS of sunny days. But when it rains, you still gotta get your shit done. The other night I had to Dj and it was pouring out rain all day. around 6pm it stopped and at 8 I left for the club. Everything was muddy as expected, but only my feet and shins were getting wet and muddy, the rest of me was comfortable and dry. The other night I did a gig and left my equipment over night. I went back the next day to get it because I had to fix a few things that broke during my show and it just so happened to start pouring on the way back. I was not too happy, but as soon as my waterproof boots were full of water, and my exposed skin was getting hit by the warm rain drops, I was fine. I was actually comfortable. I could do anything comfortably. Not the typical, you got your shoulders all tight, and sucked up trying to make yourself thiner so less rain hits you getting you wet slower. I was cool. I got home, it was still raining and I dropped off my Dj equipment, Big Up Pelican Cases! Best waterproof, shock proof case out there, and went back out to the store and got a new jug of water, orange juice, and cheese. All in the rain, all in the state of mind that I was fine with it and stayed in the moment, in peace. The way you think really makes a difference, even when your stuck getting wet, starting to get cold, whatever. What did you do when you were a kid and you wanted to stay outside even though you were cold and wet, you were having fun doing whatever it is you were doing. Why stop, keep that mind set.

Truth about 2012?

How come a year ago, 6 months ago there was all this hype about 2012. Now we are 3 months away and either no one gives a shit, or I have become so disconnected from mainstream media that, that could be the reason I am not hearing anything. I had a dream about 2012 and no one knew what to do about it, but nothing was physically happening so there was nothing you could do. ( sounds like reality ) 2012 is a change we cannot control, if it is a change at all. The Mayans saw this in 3116BC, that was the beginning of the end to a new beginning.  I would say it is not the end of the world… Shoot way back in the day we were hit by meteors for 250 years, then one really big one millions of years later, that wiped out 96% of life on the planet. Then a 10,000 year Ice Age, then some smarter version of myself shows up and half of our friends and family go instinct. Rome thought the world was over when they fell, and look at the world now. Maybe we are headed for something we cannot feel, hear, touch, or smell. Or maybe we can. Maybe some of us do feel this change that is happening. We can see it, feel it, smell it, and hear it. But unless they feel it too, they feel what you are feeling, who is too believe you?


Lets say you are walking home one night and you see a bright light in the sky. That light is not a plane, star or anything you can put your mind to, with its color, movements, and odd shape(s). That light gets closer to you as if it is looking at you. It could even suck you up in the air, make your hair grow an inch longer in a matter of 10 minutes, which feels like 10 days to you. This light that you were just sucked up into, gives you a message. You hear this message, you feel this message, this situation is realer than real for you right now. You come back fine. Naked with longer hair, but fine, in the same spot, walking home, clothes in hand. But you try to tell someone. Even with your longer hair people will think your nuts because those things just do not happen, but it happened to you, so it is real?


That’s what this feeling is. This feeling is that real, and you either have it, like getting sucked up into the white light, or you don’t. You will know because you will feel it, some say. Is that what is happening around the world? People are transforming? Some people are actually, some would like to, and are just along for the ride mimicking what others do, yet not very genuine about it. They are like vampires, yet they do not suck blood, they suck your energy. Did you know that Vampires are the one creature talked about amongst all facets of ages in time from all over the world….. hummmmmm?


So what are you feeling? Are you going to EVOLve into LOVE. Change the EVOL in your life to LOVE. whether it is a change in you, or a change you help make in others, which way will you EVOLVE to in the end of 2012? The date is less than 3 months away. To help you, I am starting a program called R.A.O.K. Random Acts Of Kindness. I am starting it here in Costa Rica and hoping others take it around the world and start to spread the joy and happiness random acts of kindness can give you. Be warned though. do not do join R.A.O.K for self fulfillment. Not all acts of kindness go noticed and if you are in it for personal fulfillment, you will probably not meet with the ultimate success you would like, thus failing and thinking R.A.O.K is a waste of time. There is only one intention within this program and that is the intention to randomly do something you would not normally do that will better someone’s day, life, or experience.


Good Luck with Our future.

GoPro Foggy Len’s Fix durring sex using dirty rice

SEX… hahaha it works! Now I have your attention. Now for the dirty rice part

After loosing a GoPro that when submerged in water, the inside lens would fog up in 15 minutes, I was a bit excited to get a new one thinking I had a default case anyways but didn’t report, because the camera was lost.

Once I got my new GoPro and got that one wet, the same thing happened. I upgraded again to the Hero2 and that too got all foggy on my last trip to Costa Rica. Such a disappointment when you are out in the water with a foggy lens and having to get out to wipe your lens. ( although it is a nice way to introduce your self to girls needing their dry hands and towel to help wipe the lens ).

Well I put my thinking cap on and an idea came to me right away. Rice. If the sound doesn’t matter ( in water it shouldn’t ), just put about 6-10 pieces of rice in your case and this will help keep the moisture out!

Just tested this theory today… it works!

Good Luck! Hope the tip helped!

Making it Rain


Making it Rain in Cairo Egypt.

I went out last night to a night club recommended by my driver here in Cairo, Egypt. He said I would hear great music and see some beautiful belly dancers. It would cost me about $300 Egyptian pounds to get in but that would include two drinks and a spread of fresh fruits to munch on while watching the show. When I got into the club, it seemed like I stepped into a small cruise ship ball room. A stage at one end, with long and short banquette tables all around it. We were one of the first ones to get to the club and it was 12:45am. We could pick any seat and he recommended we sit to the right of the stage, but not in front. This put us closer to the bands that were about to come out.

The first act was a beautiful female singer and a guy playing synthesized beats on a keyboard and adding in the classic Egyptian piano sound as the woman sang to an empty room. Another woman came on after her with the same guy on the keyboard but was not as good. The two singers rotated for a while going song for song as groups of people slowly started to filter into the club, smoking their cigarette, and finding their spots for the shows that are about to come our way. I noticed a lot of the groups were not sitting by the stage like we were,. they would sit towards the back or middle, and every now and again a group would sit next to the stage. I noticed an older egyptian gentleman come in with a woman and another man and sit at the corner of the stage. Then another gentleman came in with another man and sat at the table next to them. Both men had on what looked like million dollar suits. The club started to fill up with not only people and their expensive suites, but smoke as well, for in Egypt and most of Africa, you can still smoke inside buildings, and airports  believe it or not. Shesha’s a.k.a. Hookah’s also started to fill the room as more and more tables were getting them dropped off and heated up at their tables.

The two starting acts called it a night and the keyboardist packed up as well and the next thing I hear is the house remix of LAMFO’s “Im In Miami Bitch”. What is going to happen next I asked myself and next thing I know, drum after drum starts getting dropped off on the stage. as as each drum was getting dropped off, stacks and stacks of cash started to come into the room. The same waiters that would bring your drinks and fruit, were now dropping off “bricks” of cash to several of the tables containing the men in fancy suits puffing on their Sheesha’s. and when I say “bricks”, I am saying about 20,000 to 40,000 Egyptian pounds of individually stacked $5 pound bills. ( in Egypt, it is pounds, not dollars )

When the band of drummers started playing this female Libyan singer came out and started to do her thing. The band was awesome with their 6 drummers and two keyboardist, and this woman was a pretty good singer even though I could not understand anything she was singing seeing she was singing in Arabic. That’s when it happened. It started to rain. The tables that contained the men in their fancy suits started to throw stacks of the $5 bills in packets of 100 onto the stage at the singer and her band covering the floor and tables around them with money. No one flinched, the band did not skip a beat, the singer did not miss a beautiful note, and no one at any table touched any of the bills that may have fluttered down onto their tables. They just continued to toss more and more stacks of money into the air and no one was taking any clothes off. At the end of her show, it appeared as thought she made off pretty well that night, and in my opinion she was not even as good as the first singer I got to hear there.

That band cleared out, and up next was a group of Muslim Sheikh’s. All dressed in brilliant white robes with the red and white checkered cloths on their head being held down by the black ring. They brought out their drums, lots of them and continued to pile onto the stage right next to us. They were all pretty young looking, including the male singer that accompanied them. As soon as they started their first drum beat, you knew they demanded your attention. The beats were fast, crisp and grabbed your attention like a firework in a silent midnight sky. Unlike the other singers before him that graced the stage that night, his voice carried over the music. His Arabic tones filling the room more than the smoke that was already suffocating the air. Immediately after he started to sing, the money started to fly. We now had a table right next to us with 5 guys at it, each one of them with stacks of $5′s that would not fit into a size 13 shoe box. One table would throw a stack, then another, then another. If too much money floated down from one table onto another, that table would grab a stack of $500 and toss it just at that table, like ” oh yeah, look at me”, and then throw another stack towards the stage.

The club had a group of kids hired just to run around the tables and stage and collect all the money tossed for each group that preformed. They would grab each bill with an eccentric style one at a time and stack them up in their hands and rubber band them together and toss them into a wooden box that they would empty after each performer. Some of the bills would go up into the air, and down on the laps of people enjoying the show. They would not touch the money that just fell upon them, but the kids would. They would just walk up and grab it off their crouch, from under their table and off their plates of fruit. Walk on the stage behind the performers and gather it up before and after it gets stepped on.

Amongst all the performers that night, the Sheikh’s had the most money thrown at them. And after comparing all the acts, they earned it. They rocked it that night, and there was nothing the kids could do to collect and clean up all the tossed stacks of money in the air fast enough. It was a bit depressing that night sitting next to the stage having $5′s rain down on me from the uncontrollable tosses of the guys with too much money. Walking around Giza and Cairo and seeing all the poverty, feeling all the taps of little kids hands trying to sell you a bracelet or just straight up asking for some change because they are hungry. And they ask with a tap and sad, hungry eyes, not the ” hey mister, can you spare some change” because they do not know what language you speak, they use know they do not speak it. It was a reality check of the “thick” line between the rich and the poor and just how much people disregard their fellow human. Then when you ask enough questions and find out the groups don’t even get the money that is tossed up in the air for their performance, they get 10%, really made me a bit sad. They were killing it, they were the ones practicing their rhythms and getting their beats down for the show, and they only get 10% what is tossed up for them. That was a true WTF moment for me, but it did not and will not surpass the WTF moment of why do people do this? Why do we go to an expensive club to “Make it Rain”? From what my driver said to me, they do this every day. Rich groups of men and women come into this club from all over the region and “make it rain”. Oblivious to the outside world of poverty right down the street from the same club that keeps their acts in the starving artist category, who are there doing what they do, to feed their families and survive in this unforgiving, unusual world we live in.

No one in that club knew me. I felt like I was only one in there who was not throwing money. I know for sure, I was the only white guy, the only american, although I was telling people I was from South Africa ( recommended by my driver), the only one with tattoos, and the only one paying most of my attention to the great music and style each band brought to that stage. I got smile after smile, head nod after head nod, raised hands with eye contact and a smile, and many offers to come play with each band due to my intense attention I was giving to the beats they were creating. The Sheikh’s pulled me onto the stage and gave me one of their hand drums and I instantly picked up their very difficult beat. Although when the song ended, I did add in an extra one beat by mistake. ( hey it was the first time I heard the song :) ) It was a welcoming feeling from them. In America, 1/2 the population would assume they were terrorists because of how they looked. Not able to see beyond their own fear of differences, but with all of mine, they welcomed me into their show with open arms, and a spirit that I could feel without them even showing me.

Egypt has been wonderful. The people here are wonderful and show a spirit that although they are extremely poor, that are so rich with with a spirit that I cannot explain. They say how wonderful I am, I can only say I am a reflection of them. I wish I could help everyone. I wish I had a big coin or large bill for every had that extended, and every hand that did not. I wish I could change this corrupt world we live in where everyone had what every one else seems to have but them. The people that come to you are a reflection of you whether they interact with you or not. I feel by paying attention to that, I learned a lot from this trip, a lot about people, and a lot about myself.

Morocco’s sunset


Im stuck in Morocco with no clothes. Just my laptop and camera. Thanks to United Airlines… depending on how United Airlines responds to me being stuck in Morocco for 6 days with no luggage, no change of clothes, no toothpaste, nothing but my positive attitude, will determine how I recommend anyone to fly United Airlines… Stay tuned. :) In the mean time, here is a musical clip of the sunset at this old fishing village that is really one of the worlds oldest fishing ports still used today.

Gobekli Tepe



Found this on youtube and it blew me away. This place was hand buried, This place is 12,000 years old, This place is 350 miles away from where there is a giant boat buried in the mountains… This place is for sure a wonder of the world and needs more research.

Welcome to the presentation of the The World’s First Temple, Gobeklitepe … a pre-historic site, about 15 km away from the city of Sanliurfa, Southeastern Turkiye. What makes Gobeklitepe unique in its class is the date it was built, which is roughly twelve thousand years ago, circa 10,000 BC.

Home Picture 1

Archaeologically categorised as a site of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A Period (c. 9600–7300 BC) Göbeklitepe is a series of mainly circular and oval-shaped structures set on the top of a hill. Excavations began in 1995 by Prof. Klaus Schmidt with the help of the German Archeological Institute. There is archelological proof that these installations were not used for domestic use, but predominantly for ritual or religous purposes. Subsequently it became apparent that Gobeklitepe consists of not only one, but many of such stone age temples. Furthermore, both excavations and geo magnetic results revealed that there are at least 20 installations, which in archeological terms can be called a temple. Based on what has been unearthed so far, the pattern principle seems to be that there are two huge monumental pillars in the center of each installation, surrounded by enclosures and walls, featuring more pillars in those set-ups.

Home Picture 2Home Picture 3

All pillars are T-shaped with heights changing from 3 to 6 meters. Archeologists interpret those T-shapes as stylized human beings, mainly because of the depiction of human extremities that appear on some of the pillars. What also appears on these mystical rock statues, are carvings of animals as well as abstract symbols, sometimes picturing a combination of scenes.

Home Picture 4Home Picture 5

Foxes, snakes, wild boars, cranes, wild ducks are most common. Most of these were carved into the flat surfaces of these pillars. Then again, we also come across some three-dimensional sculptures, in shape of a predator depicting a lion, descending on the side of a T-pillar.

The unique method used for the preservation of Gobeklitepe has really been the key to the survival of this amazing site. Whoever built this magnificent monument, made sure of its survival along thousands of years, by simply backfilling the various sites and burying them deep under, by using an incredible amount of material and all these led to an excellent preservation.

Each T-shaped pillar varies between 40 to 60 tonnes, leaving us scratching our heads as to how on earth they accomplished such a monumental feat. In a time when even simple hand tools were hard to come by, how did they get these stone blocks there, and how did they erect them? With no settlement or society to speak of, with farming still a far cry away, in a world of only roaming hunter-gatherers, the complexity and developed blueprints of these temples represented another enigma for archeologists. Do we have to change our vision of how and when civilized human history began? The plot thickens …

Hello World

Back from the Corporate Jungle, getting ready to escape to a real Jungle…. Costa Rica… But The Universe always has its own way of things, and well… I’m not headed to Costa Rica just yet… the Journey continues and I am off on another adventure else where and Costa Rica has to wait.

But what will not wait, is the book that this site is helping promote. It is in its last stages of the first draft, and I am so excited, I could not help but start promoting it now on this site. The Story is about a guy and his blind pit bull. The story is about a Dog Named Doofus, about a 5 year journey, 24 hours a day 7 days a week in a RV traveling around the U.S. as 9/11 hit, and being in New York the day before it all happened… with a Super Model, that blind pit bull and the dog named Doofus. The book’s about a little kid who loved music so much, the minute he got medically discharged from S.E.A.L training, the first thing he did was sneak into the Notorious Big Concert, and watched the Dj and he knew that was his calling… wait… S.E.A.L training??…. Snuck into a Biggie Concert??? Music was such an influence in his life, he packed up and was set to move to NY to Dj, until the day he left he got a call saying all deals were off. So he went to Miami knowing no one… and came back to Minneapolis and started the Dancehall Reggae scene… then to give it all up… Clubs, Condo, Radio Show… and move into that RV… by accident, yet divine intervention, because you are now reading this blog. One Love!