GoPro Foggy Len’s Fix durring sex using dirty rice

SEX… hahaha it works! Now I have your attention. Now for the dirty rice part

After loosing a GoPro that when submerged in water, the inside lens would fog up in 15 minutes, I was a bit excited to get a new one thinking I had a default case anyways but didn’t report, because the camera was lost.

Once I got my new GoPro and got that one wet, the same thing happened. I upgraded again to the Hero2 and that too got all foggy on my last trip to Costa Rica. Such a disappointment when you are out in the water with a foggy lens and having to get out to wipe your lens. ( although it is a nice way to introduce your self to girls needing their dry hands and towel to help wipe the lens ).

Well I put my thinking cap on and an idea came to me right away. Rice. If the sound doesn’t matter ( in water it shouldn’t ), just put about 6-10 pieces of rice in your case and this will help keep the moisture out!

Just tested this theory today… it works!

Good Luck! Hope the tip helped!

Polaroid to Ipad, the History of Sexy Photos in 4 photos

The power of Manifestations

I saw some information about a Mayan Calendar that came to en end on October 28 or 25th 2011. This was described as a calendar of consciousness. It really breaks down how our consciousness has evolved from creation to now “as we know it”. As you know, our history has been written from a Masculine prospective vs. a Feminine… History vs. Herstory and Prior to 3114BC, all our “History” we can only get from Her, our Mother Earth and carbon dating.  Well in this chart you can see when Jesus came about, it happened exactly as it should according to this calendar. what also happened was the fall of the Roman empire, exactly as it should have happened. The roman empire was pretty damn big to just go away, but it did due to reasons of the people. But just like that empire fell, many others have also fallen from then on. For example, our current stage of consciousness is a “Universal” one. It started on Feb 11, 2011. This date was described in this video back in the early 2000′s by a guy named Ian Lungold. Did you know at 9am eastern time, on 2/11/11, the people of Egypt got what they prayed for for the last 15 days, and that was for their crooked leader Mubarak to step down. The news paper that morning said he was not going to step down and by 9am he did. That is the power of prayer, it came on a certain date that was said to be revolutionary, and it kicked off this Universal Consciousness. With that said, it sounds to me that WE the PEOPLE, have the power to create what we want, if we come together as ONE. If you don’t believe me, research it! If the roman empire can fall, what is to say the governments keeping us NOT ABLE TO THRIVE ( must watch the video “Thrive”. it is now free on youtube ) can not also follow the same fate as Rome? Now I am not trying to wish Ill upon any government, but I am trying to strive for a radical change! 7129/6105195… I was told, that is the Key to the Universe. That is the Key to how the pyramids were built, ( or the coral castle in FL 1906 ) that is how many civilizations around the world were built. No one, no power, nothing can stop US if we become ONE. Live in Love, and rejoice in what power we truly carry as being a conscious being and Create. One Love


Is Carmax selling lemons?

Since when did Carmax get into the farmers market? I am hearing from far too many people that Carmax does not stand up to what they say.

I believe that Carmax does stand up for what they say, I bought a car from them once…. ONCE! and I will never do it again. I asked around and found out that this is happening to a lot of people who purchase a car from Carmax.

You buy a car, you drive it away, it breaks in the first week, you bring it back, they fix it. If it is going to take a while to fix, they will give you a loner car to use while they fix the one you just bought. Now you would think that whatever issue the car is having would have been caught before they tried to sell it to you. i mean come on, it malfunctioned the first week of bringing it home.

I a lot of cases I found Carmax would just keep doing what it takes to make you happy until your warranty runs out, well then you are screwed. In my case, they tried to fix an oil pressure problem my 2010 Jeep Wrangler was having the first day i drove it on the highway. Carmax did try to fix it… for the next year and a half, and was not able to do so, and would not buy the car back from me seeing a lemon law does not apply to used vehicles. In the end, I was able to prove that there was water in my engine when they sold it to me, there was permanent engine grime inside my motor walls from being underwater, and the inside of the motor smelled like fish…. Finally when i threatened to take this to the media, did they offer to purchase my Jeep back at a lower price because I have been driving it. I cashed the check and well here I am blogging about it after finding many others who have experienced this same thing, with the fishy smell. Looks like Carmax is into buying up cars and trucks that have water damage but once cleaned up, who can tell???

I would not recommend buying a car from Carmax unless you seal a deal with a good warranty and rental car coverage incase you car needs ANY type of work.

When you find me

Here is an awesome movie created by Ron Howard from 8 photographs. it is 28 minutes long but it is unique to see this story unfold and then to see the 8 photos in the end to see what lead to this inspiration. if you have the time, this is a cute story of family, love and loss, and what brings us together.


So you want a Tattoo?

Tattoos… the almost permanent reminder of a moment in time that can last forever. So what makes a person want to go throughout the pain or pleasure of getting hammered on by a few needles at once for a few hours…. I would guess the satisfaction of the new beautiful piece of art you get to carry around with you everywhere depending on where it is and what you are wearing.

A few thing to keep in mind when getting a tattoo…

  1. They last forever and hurt more getting them removed
  2. Know what you want first, and don’t just pick something off the wall… chances are you will want to get it covered later on in life.
  3. When picking an artist, look at their portfolio book to see if their style suits you. If not, move on.
  4. If the guy can see you that day, chances are he is not that good, but occasionally an appointment will cancel and you may just walk in on that good artist that can hook you up. again see #3.
  5. You want an artist you vibe with. They are opening your body up and putting their energy into you when they ink you. Some people say that tattoos are sacred and can seriously change your life depending on who did the work and what the tattoo actually is.

I was getting tattooed one time and a lady came in and got 10 kiss, lip marks on her ass along with the words ” Kiss my ass”…. now that tattoo is there for a reason and i would have loved to know the story behind why shy is getting that tattooed on her booty and who is going to see it. Or the guy who walked in to get ” party naked ” in bubble pink letters on his ass with a big masturbating monkey….. He was a 6′-4″ construction worker…. WOW, the things people hide under their pants….

But just because you find a good tattoo artist, does not justify getting an extra large tattoo of a butt hole on your knee with anal beads coming out of it. Yes the artist made it look so real and awesome, but it is a butt hole on your knee…. “I can see the anal beads from across the street.” quoted one artist.

Choose wisely and good luck getting inked!