Is the planet enslaved already?

None of us chose to be born on this planet, we all just kinda showed up here… as humans.. the most dominate or cancerous thing on this earth. So why is it, we allow other stupid humans to tell us what to do, where to go, what to buy, what to eat, where to live, and all the fucking rules and laws that apply to what I just mentioned? We are all humans, and frankly, even after traveling a good part of the world, NONE of us are FREE.

I just came from the border. I had to walk 200 meters to pay a $7 exit tax that required me to actually pay $10.
Kids coming up to me looking for a $1 and feeling so lucky when I give them one, meanwhile I got a friend worth 10 million, and he is struggling to pay the bills… and for a guy who is worth 10 million, he lives pretty modestly, but the way society has him trained, being born on “good soil” with a “good education” has brought his life to a worrisome hell.

Why? For what? The more I shut off the outside influences of “control me”, the more I go inside me and see the that real world around me, is not what the grown ups taught me in school.

The one thing I can say positive about growing up and learning was the words written on my cafeteria wall. “You are what you eat”. Not only true in food, but also life, you are what you consume, You are not your job, or how much money you have in the bank. You are what you consume, and so far we have been forced to consume a lot of shit!

Prisoner on my own planet
the Matrix

How to make a song request to a DJ

dj meditate


When making a song request to a DJ….

1. Make it quick. Have your song ready before you come interrupt. That is what most of you do, you don’t stop to look and see that we are doing things and that we are wearing headphones so 9 times out of 10, we cannot hear you.
2. Know your music. “Do you have that one song… that goes, brum di brum brum”??? “Can you play it, it is my favorite”??? Well if it’s your favorite song, you would think you’d know the title, or artist. Im sorry, but I don’t have my music listed with sounds the songs makes.
3. Unless you are going home with the DJ, don’t hang out with them while they are spinning. No wait, even if you are going home with the DJ, leave them be, their working. If they talk to you, talk with them, but understand, they are working.
4. If the club is dancing to the genre of music, and you make a request from another genre, A. IT HAS TO BE A HIT. & B. I better not have just started playing that genre you want to change. Just because you don’t like a song, or a genre, doesn’t give you any right to control the DJ unless you got a form of currency that has more than 2 numbers in it. ( 5 depending on some country’s ).
5. Put some gum in your mouth. Fresh breath not only makes a great first impression, but it makes you a bit more tolerable when you ask for something.
6. Don’t be drunk, no one likes a drunk, but an out of shape, ugly person who can’t get lucky with their right hand, if they cut off the left. No one likes a drunk in a DJ booth with thousands of dollars of music and equipment laying around. Sober up, and leave the drinks away.
7. Make this time to make a Music request, not chat it up. If you wanna chat it up, ask for a phone number and call a person… ( not text ) Tomorrow. Don’t hang out. DJ’s are wanted and desired by lovers and haters alike and you hanging out confuses them both. Unless it is welcomed by the DJ… (they will say to you, ” sure hang out, talk to me because I am not a real dj, I play a mix that I recorded last night, and no one can tell”. DJ’s are working, reading the crowd, and thinking of 5 songs that they can play next to get the crowd and keep the crowd. Let them work, that includes the DJ talking to others and taking their requests. Some follow these rules already, most do not. Read #3 again if you still don’t understand.
8. Did you really go back up to #3 and read it???? LOL
9. Make sure I didn’t play it 10 minutes ago, were not a radio station, were a club. And if you make a request, stick around for it. Don’t leave after requesting something. I may have just changed the whole vibe for you, and your not around, or like in #6 your too drunk to hear your song.
10. If the DJ doesn’t play your song immediately, DO NOT go get the owner/manager, and tell them to tell me to play it. That is like getting a no from dad and then asking mom…. That is also immature, and shows your desperateness toto be an asshole. DJ’s are creating a vibe, they are connecting an energy, and it is a thin balance that keeps it all together.

Smile in memory of yourself



Just smile once more today


How do you want to be remembered? Do you want to be the person who never seemed to  smile, or smiled all the time. Did you know by putting a smile on your face, 99% of the people you come across, will have a positive feeling from your smile. The other 1% are just having a shitty day and nothing can help them, but if you tack on a great personality to that smile, you can change a lot.

You don’t even have to have direct contact with someone. If a person sees you smile at another person, or you greet people as you walk past them with a positive attitude, the people who are observing the situation, will also experience your happiness, just from your smile.

To wave with a smug look on your face, vs one with a smile will make a world of difference.  If you are the 1% who just so happen to be having a shitty day, deal with it, know it will pass and things will go back to the way you want them, but if your still pissy, go look into a mirror, see your anger, and then smile. Keep smiling, until you become conscious of your face and the muscles you are using to make this new pose with your cheeks. You now released endorphins into your body, that will help you cope with the shittiness, and if you keep on smiling, pretty soon, your problems seem to not have that great of an effect on you, and your mind will be somewhat at peace for you to enjoy the day, and maybe who knows, YOU may now make someone smile today.

America vs Egypt



Came across these two photos in the same week of current events. It struck me at how similar they are with opposite meanings.

Two great examples of similar expressions on opposite ends of the word from each other. Celebrate

With opposite meanings worlds apart, behind the hand raising.Fight for freedom

These photos were both published on MSNBC Week in Photos. America celebrates while Egypt is still fighting for freedom.


What is your Carbon Footprint looking like? What are you using once today?

I have traveled all over the world and by doing so, it has made me very aware of what my carbon footprint looks like. I am so thirsty, I stop in a store to get that bottle of water to quench my thirst, and in 5 seconds, the bottle is empty, I am still kind of thirsty, and now I have this empty plastic bottle that is going to probably stay empty and on this earth a lot longer than my desire for water. Do this every day, and you are responsible for 365 empty bottles.

Now throw in you soda and High Fructose Corn Syrup drinkers and your are looking at several bottles a day, just being used give you 8 big gulps of fluid. To satisfy your thirst and your mind that is telling you, you need that fluid.

Now throw in all the other stuff you buy and use on a daily bases, food. You get it to-go, and you get a styrofoam container and a plastic bag. Both will out live most animals here on earth. And you took that bag to carry your food home, when it would have fit just fine in your hand. ( no bag needed ).

I am talking about this, because it is ALWAYS on my mind. I am always aware and conscious of what I am doing and what its effects may be. I am renting in Costa Rica right now, and after living here for 6 months, I have to say I am an expert and reducing waste. I produce about one small garbage bag of garbage a month. How do I do this? I am not buying a ton of packaged foods. I buy big 5 gallon containers of water to fill up my smaller bottles that I carry with me places. That alone has reduced my carbon footprint by 75%. When I get plastic, It gets recycled, and so on, but what really brought this to my attention is this. I went to the beach the other day and I walked past my garbage can that was now so full, the lid would not stay on. Why was it full? Because I had two Americans, a man and a woman, come down and rent out the other house on the property for 4 days. In that 4 day period, they were able to produce more trash than I am able to in 4 months.

I am not telling anyone what to do here. I am just asking that you step back, and just take a look at how your actions effect the world around you. Justin Timberlake did a concert once and added up what his carbon footprint was for that 1 concert. He then took his own money and planted trees in that town to offset that footprint and try to bring in more balance.

What are you using once today?

Water Drops in Whistler

A quote from Henry Ford in 1922

“It is well enough that people of the Nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution tomorrow morning”.

This is why I canceled my credit cards and only have one for emergencies that is kept at a zero balance at all costs!

This is why I worked hard, saved my money and decided to take a few years off from working. It made no sense to me that all this money was being taken out of my paychecks and going somewhere where it probably was not helping anything.

My thoughts, if you owe a friend money, pay them back right away. They lent it to you because you are their friend and they trust you. If you owe the government money… well they will try to make your life hell, but they don’t pay back their debt, and if they do, it is barely 1%, so why not, as a citizen of that government, you only pay back 1%. Or none at all?

It’s a decision only you can make. Are you going to stand up and let your voice be heard, or go bust your ass at three jobs just to live on what the government decides to let you keep after taxes….

If my body is my temple, I now declare myself tax exempt!


Everyone’s a DJ

Everyone’s a DJ


With technology today, although it is pretty damn cool, has made everyone into a DJ and from the looks of it, you can’t be mad. Everything in time changes. It is up to us to change with it, or go extinct. We must become the shamans of our own worlds. We must constantly be evolving ourselves to a smarter self. Rule #6 in my last employee hand book was “Find a way”. So if everyone is a DJ, find a way to be a better DJ than them. I got stuck when I upgraded to a new piece of equipment. Although it was made by the same computer software company that I was currently using to DJ now, it no longer allowed me to record and edit he way I used to. I could no longer integrate another piece of software and equipment. WTF?!? I thought then I realized I had rule number 6 in back pocket still. So because I also practice the 7 P’s of life, Previous proper planning, prevents, piss poor performance, and packed a wire that would utilize that handy rule and i found a way to get what I need to get done, done. And if I could not figure it out… well shit, there is always a way some way or it was just not meant to be. And with that said, if you are better than the rest, it just wasn’t meant to be for them and now your the one on top, or on your way to the top.  But for some reason it fun back in the days of scraping up all your money you made that week, put aside what you need for rent and electricity, and the rest goes to vinyl. You had to drive, get a ride, or take the bus/subway to get your tunes. There was no downloading. Then with the money you had left over, if any, went to food. You know you have to eat when your bobbing your head to the beat of all your hot new tunes you use picked up. Finding an album and then realizing you now have that one song you have been looking for for a while now. Or spending 2 hours in a record store and finding a rare classic that every DJ should have, or the last copy of a new cut is always was always a good feeling. You knew after you, no one else was going to be able to play this song, and it now put you in the top rankings for having the hot shit first, or so you liked to think. The days of sitting in your room copying 30 minutes a side of a TDK Mix Tape, where you then had to think of what to write on both sides, how to write it, and not screw it up. It was an art making a mix tape. Your handwriting mattered almost as much as the music selected within the plastic tape running through your artistic selection. You were a DJ, you were a selector, you were an artist. You spent hours in the basement listening to music. no drugs, no alcohol. The music was your alcohol, and the needle of the turntable supplied your drugs to your your ears organically. The same thing can happen today yes, but there are a lot of distractions and music is just not what it used to be. But it is okay because people have A.D.D and if you play a song for longer than a minute and a half, your boring. So wise up, get to know your music history, your tunes, when, where, and how to play them, and you should be golden. Promote the hell out of your self or not, just get a gig, and do what you love and try to get paid doing it. And the minute you start to draw a crowd or a following, start asking for more money.  They are there because of you.

Truth about 2012?

How come a year ago, 6 months ago there was all this hype about 2012. Now we are 3 months away and either no one gives a shit, or I have become so disconnected from mainstream media that, that could be the reason I am not hearing anything. I had a dream about 2012 and no one knew what to do about it, but nothing was physically happening so there was nothing you could do. ( sounds like reality ) 2012 is a change we cannot control, if it is a change at all. The Mayans saw this in 3116BC, that was the beginning of the end to a new beginning.  I would say it is not the end of the world… Shoot way back in the day we were hit by meteors for 250 years, then one really big one millions of years later, that wiped out 96% of life on the planet. Then a 10,000 year Ice Age, then some smarter version of myself shows up and half of our friends and family go instinct. Rome thought the world was over when they fell, and look at the world now. Maybe we are headed for something we cannot feel, hear, touch, or smell. Or maybe we can. Maybe some of us do feel this change that is happening. We can see it, feel it, smell it, and hear it. But unless they feel it too, they feel what you are feeling, who is too believe you?


Lets say you are walking home one night and you see a bright light in the sky. That light is not a plane, star or anything you can put your mind to, with its color, movements, and odd shape(s). That light gets closer to you as if it is looking at you. It could even suck you up in the air, make your hair grow an inch longer in a matter of 10 minutes, which feels like 10 days to you. This light that you were just sucked up into, gives you a message. You hear this message, you feel this message, this situation is realer than real for you right now. You come back fine. Naked with longer hair, but fine, in the same spot, walking home, clothes in hand. But you try to tell someone. Even with your longer hair people will think your nuts because those things just do not happen, but it happened to you, so it is real?


That’s what this feeling is. This feeling is that real, and you either have it, like getting sucked up into the white light, or you don’t. You will know because you will feel it, some say. Is that what is happening around the world? People are transforming? Some people are actually, some would like to, and are just along for the ride mimicking what others do, yet not very genuine about it. They are like vampires, yet they do not suck blood, they suck your energy. Did you know that Vampires are the one creature talked about amongst all facets of ages in time from all over the world….. hummmmmm?


So what are you feeling? Are you going to EVOLve into LOVE. Change the EVOL in your life to LOVE. whether it is a change in you, or a change you help make in others, which way will you EVOLVE to in the end of 2012? The date is less than 3 months away. To help you, I am starting a program called R.A.O.K. Random Acts Of Kindness. I am starting it here in Costa Rica and hoping others take it around the world and start to spread the joy and happiness random acts of kindness can give you. Be warned though. do not do join R.A.O.K for self fulfillment. Not all acts of kindness go noticed and if you are in it for personal fulfillment, you will probably not meet with the ultimate success you would like, thus failing and thinking R.A.O.K is a waste of time. There is only one intention within this program and that is the intention to randomly do something you would not normally do that will better someone’s day, life, or experience.


Good Luck with Our future.

What do people need to do to communicate?

You can walk by a person, and feel their energy. Not all the time, but without speaking, two people can feel the exact same thing when walking past each other. I met a woman who worked on cancer patients and she knew after working with them, that you could transmit energy to someone, or someone can feel energy form someone else. If all the right elements are in place, magic can happen it seems. Those elements can be a variety of many things, but when brought together, whatever they may be, can make people feel something almost unexplainable. The cancer patients who do not like to be touched after being poked and prodded by doctors and chemotherapy, loved to feel the energy that can be transmitted through various meditative, massage, and chi energy points that can be delivered to someone without even touching them. Connections can be made and amazing things can happen.


Like Seefu Dave. A cook/ kung-fu expert that can not only catch an arrow shot at him blindfolded, but can move a glass of water without touching it. Some may think it is impossible to do that. some may think they can never do that same thing. I never thought I could do a back 2 1/2 somersault, with a 1 1/2 twist in the pike position from a 10 meter platform, until I started jumping into the water and teaching myself to see and make my body do what it sees. That is how we have kids today doing amazing tricks with bikes, skateboards, snowboards, motor bikes, cars, fly suites, jumping on and off buildings and planted objects. People are doing amazing things, because they can communicate to their body exactly what they want their bodies to do, and then practice doing it until they feel that connection that gives them this new found talent as a second nature. My dive coach used to tell me to visualize the dive in your head over and over again on the ground. Only that dive and when you get up to the top to do your dive, think of it once, and do it. Do not hesitate. The minute we hesitate, we start to over think things and then second guess ourselves. Follow your gut, but be sure your gut is heading in the direction, or doing what you want it to do. Will that work for everything in life? Some say it does. I think I does work a few times out of 10 that is for sure. How exactly.. not sure, but I know it works.