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11-14-13 – The beard is long, as well as the hair. Face is red as well as my back. Fun was had, and I had some fun. Living, loving, laughing, all under the sun. Hard work is good, but playing harder is better, for playing, leads your heart back to it’s childhood, and in that time, nothing was better. For you laughed, you cried, with tears of sorrow and joy, your heart beat raced, like when that girl met that boy. Live your life to the most every day, in love, in light, in work and play.

3-5-13 – yeah I am a dj. I am not a slutty one though. don’t judge this book you have no idea how to read, let alone have the courage to pick up.

Back from the Corporate Jungle, getting ready to escape to a real Jungle…. Costa Rica… But The Universe always has its own way of things, and well… I’m not headed to Costa Rica just yet… the Journey continues and I am off on another adventure else where and Costa Rica has to wait.

But what will not wait, is the book that this site is helping promote. It is in its last stages of the first draft, and I am so excited, I could not help but start promoting it now on this site. The Story is about a guy and his blind pit bull. The story is about a Dog Named Doofus, about a 5 year journey, 24 hours a day 7 days a week in a RV traveling around the U.S. as 9/11 hit, and being in New York the day before it all happened… with a Super Model, that blind pit bull and the dog named Doofus. The book’s about a little kid who loved music so much, the minute he got medically discharged from S.E.A.L training, the first thing he did was sneak into the Notorious Big Concert, and watched the Dj and he knew that was his calling… wait… S.E.A.L training??…. Snuck into a Biggie Concert??? Music was such an influence in his life, he packed up and was set to move to NY to Dj, until the day he left he got a call saying all deals were off. So he went to Miami knowing no one… and came back to Minneapolis and started the Dancehall Reggae scene… then to give it all up… Clubs, Condo, Radio Show… and move into that RV… by accident, yet divine intervention, because you are now reading this blog. One Love!


Past: Well, most people will say ” no way” when they hear about my past. They would say I have accomplished more in my 36 years than most have in 36 lifetimes. Born in a small town, raised in a family restaurant with two great parents has created the man you see before you. From Jr. Olympic Diver placing 3rd overall in the US, to drowning twice before the age of 5. From US Navy SEAL, to starting the Dancehall scene in Minneapolis and opening for artists like Beenie Man, Buju Banton, Beres Hammond, and that’s just the B’s… Stared in a international VW commercial, to living in a RV with 2 dogs a Girlfriend and having only $30 to our names and in need of gas, food for both us and the dogs, insurance, and we just got a $25 parking ticket….


Present: International Traveler and man of mystery according to my friends, reality… well, they are about right seeing I just left Toronto and on my way to Minnesota and Miami before Morocco… Currently I am trying to finish writing a book I started 7 years ago. I have 234 pages written and i just need to put an ending to it. I work for an international security company that keeps me pretty busy, so finding the time to focus and write is not so easy all the time. I am going to Morocco in June to find this time and focus on what matters most and that is me. I want to make this site into something bigger than ever, and I will not be able to do that if i am not focused, nor will I be able to make anyone happy if i cannot find that happiness first.



Future: I keep planning for this, then the Universe steps in and shows me a new path… some I can control and others I cannot. But in the end it is all okay because i know i will make the best of each situation and not allow change to change me. Looking to start designing my own T-Shirts and selling them here on this site. Become a big moves making producer with my ear for music, and a great photographer with my artistic catching eyes.


To be continued… traveling in airports with moving flight gates is fun!

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. It was nice meeting you and good luck with everything, you have an amazing soul. I’m sorry our night ended so pourly!

  2. HUGE FAN! ! ! Love your spirit, love your energy, Loved your dogs! You have an amaaaazing story, I think everyone should hear!! Along with your talent as a DJ. You’ll make it! :) Love ya! :) FF ;)

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